Starting a session (Rep)

  • A session can be started from both the web app and the extension.

  1. Start your session with a lead by selecting “start session with an anonymous lead” highlighted in blue, or if your team has plugins enabled, select the green telephone to start a session and call a lead, or the blue telephone to start a session without calling. 

  2. Once in a live session, utilize the script and select the appropriate response from the lead. Please reference the attached video to see a live session.

  3. Input the appropriate response in prompted custom fields.

  4. Jump to an earlier/later part of the script (if permitted) using the navigation bar at the bottom.

  5. To find the answer to a question during the session, click the “?” underneath the script.

  6. Search for an already existing question or log a new question for approval.

  7. To view the knowledge bank, select the graph icon below the script.

  8. To hide the extension, click the “Cue” tab on the bottom left. To bring the extension back out, click it again.

  9. To enlarge the extension, select the contact’s name in the top right corner.

  10. In the enlarged view, the Metrics Locker and Vitals Box can be seen. Here, information regarding the lead can be recorded, in addition to the custom fields.

  11. Change from Contact info, to Account info, to Session info as well as view History using the tabs on the top.

  12. To have the extension returned to normal view, select the minimize icon in the top left.

  13. Once the session has concluded, select “Wrap-Up” in the top right.

  14. Change the call status using the dropdown.

  15. Input any additional comments, in addition to any custom fields attached to the Wrap-Up dialog by the admins.

  16. Click Save and Exit