What is a campaign?

  • A campaign is a planned strategy to use during an inbound or outbound call.

  1. Under campaigns, edit, create, and manage organizational campaigns. Select campaign’s on the left sidebar.

    1. Search from the available list of campaigns using the search function 

    2. To create a new campaign, select “Add New”

      1. Assign a campaign name, as well as a description if desired

      2. Toggle whether the campaign is enabled or disabled

      3. Click “Assign Scripts” to expand and select from existing scripts for both inbound and outbound calls.

      4. Click “Call Routing Rules” in order to have an inbound call automatically route to a certain campaign. 

        1. Can set “Match Phone Number” or “Match ACD Group” by using the toggle. 

      5. Underneath the campaign name, view the assigned inbound and outbound scripts, as well as which teams the campaign has been assigned to.

  1. To edit or delete a campaign, select the pencil or “X” to the right.

  2. Edit the already existing campaign info

  3. Save changes by clicking “Save” at the bottom right.

  1. To add integrations to a campaign, click “Integrations” and configure integrations either as a campaign source, or during the wrap-up.

  2. Select “Configure” on the desired integration

  3. Create an authenticator, and input the prompted sign-in info into Salesforce, in this example.

  4. Map the fields in salesforce to the corresponding fields in Cue, in this example.

  5. Select “Finish” to save.

  6. A properly configured integration will have a green outline.

  7. To remove an integration from a campaign, select “Remove.

Your campaign is now ready to be assigned to teams, to learn how to create a team, click here.