Plugin Sets

What is a plugin set?

  • A plugin set is an add-on to cue regarding anything that can be actionable, i.e. email, phone, chat bots, etc.

  1. To configure a plugin set, select “Plugin Sets” on the left sidebar.

  2. Select “Add new” to create a new plugin set, or select the pencil to the right of an existing set to edit. 

  3. Input the name for the set using the text box. 

  4. Select which user roles to enable the plugin set for

  5. Select configure to configure a telephony plugin. 

  6. Once configured, the “Configure” button will turn green and read “Enable”

  7. Select “Enable” to enable the plugin.

  8. Once enabled, the “Enable” button will now read “Remove” and now turn red along with the outline of the plugin. 

  9. To remove a plugin from the set, click “Remove”

To learn how to assign a plugin set to a team, click here.