• Users are reps or admins within your organization.

  • Under users, create, edit, delete, reps or admins.

  • Selecting “Agent Activity” will allow you to view stats for users within the org.

  1. To create a user, complete the following steps

  2. Hover over the left sidebar and select “Users”

  3. Use the dropdown to select “Manage Users”

  4. On the manage users screen, select the plus sign

  5. Input the new user’s name, email address, and phone number as well as assign a role, and set a password.

  6. Select “Create” 

  7. The new user should now be added to the list of existing users

  1. To edit an existing user, use the following steps

  2. To assign or change a user’s team or alias, select the icons next to “No teams” & “No aliases” above

  3. To change a user’s status or change a user’s call mode from “Live” to “Training”, select the pen next to the user’s name. Selecting this alias icon will also bring you to the same menu. 

  4. A user can edit their own info by hovering over the sidebar and selecting their own name

  5. Here the user can edit name, phone number, or create a new password.

  1. To view agent activity, hover the left sidebar, select “Users”, and then select “Agent Activity” from the dropdown.

  2. Here, statistics for conversion rate, average script time, as well as running counters for the amount of times an agent has used the question or objection handler during a call, can be seen.

  3. To view recent calls for each agent, click the 3 bars on the right hand side.

  4. To view the call summary for a specific call, select the call from the list and the view will expand. To view older calls, use the page numbers below the call summary.

  5. At the top of the screen, there is also a search function to search for specific agents, as well as dropdowns to filter by team, as well as live, training, and live + training reps.

To learn how to create a script, click here.