• Under Teams, edit, create, and manage teams in the organization. 

  1. Search from the available list of teams using the search function

    1. To create a new team, select “Add New”

      1. Create a team name, and attach an organizational alias using the dropdown if desired. 

      2. Assign a campaign to the team, set the default inbound campaign, and assign a plug-in set using the dropdown menus. 

      3. Select “Create” to create the team

  1. To edit a team, select the pencil to the right. 

    1. This prompts the same window as if a new team was being created.

    2. To save changes, click “save”

    1. To delete a team, click the “X” next to the pencil. 

    2. Click the text “__ members” will redirect to “Manage Users” 

    3. Underneath the team name, view any assigned organizational alias, as well as any assigned campaigns and plug-in sets. 

      1. Clicking the name of the campaign will redirect to “Edit Campaign”

Your team is now ready for users to be added. To learn how to create and add a user, click here.