My Organization (Org Owner)

  • Under My Organization, edit organizational details as well as manage organizational aliases.

  1. An Org Owner will have a “My Organization” dropdown on the left sidebar.

  2. Select settings to edit organizational details

  3. In settings, edit organization details such as Name, Phone Number, and Address, in addition to enabling/disabling Organizational Alias Management. Disabling will disable the use of aliases within the Organization.

  4. Select Save to update details.

  1. To manage/edit organizational aliases, select “Aliases” from the left sidebar under the “My Organization” dropdown.

  2. To edit or delete an existing alias, click the pencil or the “X” to the right. (Note: an Alias can only be deleted once all users using the alias have been removed.

  3. View the amount of users associated with an alias.

  4. To create a new alias, simply type in the desired name to the right, and click “Create New”